Choosing the Perfect Dog Bed

You might find this journal entry from Canine Journal to be incredibly helpful in determining which dog bed is most suitable for your dog: Don’t Let Sleeping Dogs Lie: Choosing the Best Dog Bed

After determining your pup's preferences, you can be sure to find exactly what you're looking for in the list of our personal favorites below.

Benefits a dog bed offers your dog include:
Insulating your dog from the floor in your RV in both the winter and summer. In the wintertime, many small dogs love to curl up in a nesting-type bed like a Slumber Ball dog bed, which provides the warmth needed for both comfort and good health.

Providing your dog with his own private space and a sense of security.
Cushioning joints and bones, especially for older, arthritic, or overweight dogs. Orthopedic Dog Beds are designed specifically for dogs that need extra joint support and comfort. With also providing them an area to feel safe and loved in your RV. It can also help keep the dog off your nice new couch if they are not welcomed up there.